Are specialty coffee in Dubai expensive? or overrated ?

Are specialty coffee in Dubai expensive? or overrated ?

Specialty coffee in Dubai can be considered expensive compared to regular coffee, but it is not necessarily overrated. The higher price is due to the premium quality of the beans, the artisanal methods used to roast and brew them, and the focus on creating a unique and enjoyable coffee experience. Whether it is worth the price is subjective and depends on the individual's personal taste and budget.


Let's talk on some alternative Specialty coffee in Dubai that can save you a bunch of Dirhams.

Why don't you prepare your perfect cup of coffee at home, you will need just the following :

  • High-quality coffee beans: Look for freshly roasted, specialty-grade coffee beans, here you'll find the best Specialty coffee roasters in Dubai below. you may visit any of their web stores and you will find a wide range of coffee selections that suits whether expresso, milk based or filter beverages.
  •  Archers 
  • Three coffee
  • Cypher
  • Silverskin
  • Raw coffee company
  • Nightjar
  • 85+ 
  • Coterra


  • Grinder: A good grinder is essential for producing a consistent grind and maximizing the flavor potential of the beans, if you cannot afford one ask the roaster to grind it for you, bear in mind that you are losing a bunch of aromas and compunds by grinding them too early so you should invest in one grinder very soon.

    • Brewing equipment: Choose a brewing method that fits your taste and equipment, you can find all the equipments for specialty coffee in Dubai stores like Raw coffee, Archers and the Coffee lab.
    • in most of Some popular options include pour over, aeropress, French press, and espresso machine depends on your preference, you can use the cheapest tool to brew a fantastic cup if you have chosen a high quality beans from any of specialty coffee roasters in dubai.
      Best V60 in UAE
      • Scale: A scale can help ensure accurate measurements of coffee and water for a consistent brew; however, a scoop could be a cheaper alternative but it will never give the right guide for your brew.

      coffee scale in Dubai


      • Filtered water: Use clean, filtered water for the best tasting coffee.

        Steps to prepare your coffee at home:

        1. Grind the coffee beans to the desired coarseness, based on the brewing method you have chosen, or talk to your roaster to grind it for you.

        2. Measure the coffee and water according to the recipe or guidelines for your brewing method. you can check online for the best brewing tool you like.

        3. Heat the water to the correct temperature for your brewing method, wait apprx 1min after boiling to cool the water down before poring

        4. Brew the coffee using your preferred method and serve it immediately.find V60 in Sharjah

        Remember to experiment with different brewing methods, ratios of coffee to water, and grind sizes to find the combination that suits your taste the best.

        Here you'll find an easy way to brew your favorite cappuccino with french press at Home :

        Brewing coffee at home can save you money compared to buying coffee at a cafe. The exact amount you save depends on the cost of coffee beans, the amount you consume, and the price of coffee at cafes in your area. On average, brewing coffee at home can save you 50-75% compared to buying it at a coffee shop.

        Save your money and buy a good quality coffee beans from any of the specialty coffee stores in Dubai 

        Don't wast more mony on a rubbish coffee if you experienced the joy of a well-prepared delicious coffee you buy from any specialty coffee roastery in Dubai and made it by yourself at home with a basic equipments will definately cross over the commodity coffee you buy from famous coffee chains.

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