The rise of Dubai specialty coffee

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The rise of Dubai specialty coffee

Latte art in Dubai specialty coffee

The Journey of Dubai specialty coffee starts when we first approach that dark black beverage with its bitter taste and with its high caffeine content that makes your nervous system alerted, at this time the journey was pretty much easy as long as it is black enough.
Yes, we all shocked when we knew that time the coffee that we were drinking is a kind of burnt rubber with a papery taste so that was the gate to Specialty coffee Chase and a real bankruptcy.


What is a specialty coffee and why?

Specialty coffee is a type of coffee that is grown, processed, roasted, and prepared with a dedication to quality. with a score above 80 to 90+ Specialty coffee beans are usually grown in specific regions and are selected for their flavor characteristics. The beans are then roasted to bring out their unique flavor profiles and are then brewed to order. Specialty coffees are often considered to be higher quality than regular coffees, and they are often priced accordingly.
Dubai specialty coffee community played a dramatic role to introduce the coffee third wave, the industry is very popular in Dubai. In fact, the city has become a hub for specialty coffee, with many cafes with a local Dubai coffee brands offering high-quality coffee drinks and beans sourced from around the world. Additionally, there is a vibrant coffee culture in Dubai, with many people gathering at traditional Arabic cafés to socialize and enjoy a cup of coffee.


Dubai specialty coffee stores:

Raw coffee in dubai

 Raw Coffee

  1. Raw Coffee Co.: that was the start for everyone who has the privilege to taste the best coffee beans at this time, raw coffee introduced Dubai with a very unique selections from all over the world.

  2. Spill the bean Café in Arabian ranches : This specialty  Café imports beans from around the world and has a local roastery as well moreover they offers a range of brewing equipment and accessories for coffee enthusiasts.

  3. The Daily: This coffee shop and roastery is known for its high-quality, specialty coffee and has a number of locations throughout Dubai.

  4. The Espresso Lab: This specialty coffee roaster sources beans from around the world and has a number of locations throughout Dubai.

  5. The Koffee Room: This popular specialty coffee shop in Dubai and roaster is known for its high-quality, specialty coffee and has several locations in Dubai.

Espresso lab in dubai

What is the best specialty coffee origins in Dubai?

The best coffee-producing countries in the world are Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Panama, and Jamaica. Brazil is the largest producer of coffee in the world, with Vietnam coming in second. Colombia is known for its high-quality coffee beans, while Indonesia produces a wide range of coffee varieties. Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, and Jamaica is known for its unique and aromatic coffee beans. Panama is renowned for its perfect coffee bean climate, and Jamaica is known for its strong and robust coffee.


brewing gadgets

Eventually it depends on the coffee profile you're looking for and the way you prepare the coffee for an instance you should look for an intense coffee with notes of caramel, nuts, chocolates and raisins in a milk-based beverages while filter coffee lovers always Chase the fruitiness, and floral notes especially in the natural Ethiopian coffee, there is no word called best coffee beans in the world it depends at the end on a personal palate.
the Competition in Dubai specialty coffee is very high and unique and the varieties and offers are so many and we are so lucky to be in Dubai to always experience the best coffee beans in the world.


What is the most popular brewing tools?

The most popular specialty coffee brewers in Dubai include the French press, pour-over coffee makers, espresso machines, and automatic drip coffee makers. French presses are popular for their ease of use and robust flavor, while pour-over coffee makers offer a more customized experience. Espresso machines allow for a wide range of drinks to be made, while automatic drip coffee makers are convenient and simple to use.
  1. Aeropress

  2. V60

  3. Kalita

  4. Espresso machines

  5. French press

  6. Mokapot

  7. Ibrik

What is the most popular Coffee channels you should follow?

Some of the most popular YouTube Channels for coffee lovers include James Hoffmann, Seattle Coffee Gear, Whole Latte Love, Starbucks, European Coffee Trip, Dritan Alsela, The Right Roast, Tim Wendelboe, Talor & Jorgen, The Barista Guild of Europe, and Coffeefusion. These channels offer a wide range of topics for coffee lovers, from brewing tips and tricks to coffee reviews, interviews, and more.


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